Providing access to technology and research services for the Biosciences

"We provide an excellent and well-supported environment for staff, students and external users to undertake high quality research using advanced technologies"

Our state-of-the art facilities provide:

  • Research support
  • Training for students and staff
  • Technology Development

We have access to a wide range of research technologies that are available to researchers within the University of Aberdeen and, where appropriate, to external laboratories. The Facilities are distributed across a number of locations, but principally are associated with the Institute of Medical Sciences, School of Chemistry and School of Biological Sciences.

We can help you to understand the most appropriate technologies to advance your research. We also provide various training opportunities – including one-to-one instruction, extended visits, tailored training, and hands-on courses. Courses include a Technology Insight Day, Practical Proteomics, Introduction to Microscopic techniques, Hands-on Immunohistochemistry staining and hands-on Flow Cytometry course.

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