The IAHS undertakes work within the broad areas of hospital based clinical disciplines, population health, health services research and health economics. We have identified three strategic themes of work where we undertake internationally competitive research.

1. Symptoms and early diagnosis

  • Prevalence, determinants and impact of different symptoms
  • Prognostic value of symptoms and biological measurements in an individual
  • Clinical usefulness and affordability of different diagnostic approaches, including new technologies

2. Evaluation of healthcare interventions

  • Evidence synthesis, including health technology assessments, modelling and systematic reviewing
  • Primary research, mainly large-scale randomised clinical trials, especially of non-drug technologies and complex interventions
  • Health economic valuation and preference work, including contingent valuation and discrete choice experiments

3. Delivery and organisation of care

  • Resource allocation
  • Service delivery
  • Workforce issues

Much of the work addresses issues particularly relevant to the clinical topics of musculoskeletal disease (including chronic pain), reproductive health, respiratory disease, urology, eye disease, renal medicine, and cancer and our Academic Research Groups allow us to cover specialties in both clinical and non-clinical (methodological) areas of research.