Research Strategy Group

Research Strategy Group

The Group is advisory to the Director of the IAHS and has as its principal function is to facilitate high quality research within the Institute. The specific remit of the Group is in relation to defining the research strategy and monitoring our performance in meeting this strategy.

Research Strategy

  • Draft and keep under review the research strategy of the Institute.  This strategy details our areas of current research excellence, areas for future development and methodological expertise necessary to underpin the strategy.

Research Performance

  • Monitor the research performance of the Institute and its research groups through mechanisms which include grant awards, research income and publications.  The group will also act as the University working group for the SHEFC Research Excellence Framework Unit of Assessment which most closely covers the area of work of the Institute (unit of Assessment 2:  Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care).

Consistent with the agreed research strategy the committee will:

  • Identify future priorities for investment in terms of academic appointments.  It will encourage IAHS staff to actively identify individuals who we would wish to attract to the Institute.
  • Identify funding opportunities of strategic importance to the Institute and facilitate discussion of how the Institute can best respond to these.
  • It will keep the research structure of the Institute under review in order to ensure it is most appropriate to delivering the research strategy.
  • Through a sub-committee, make recommendations for appointment to internally funded PhD studentships or other pump-priming research positions.
  • Review acceptances of PhD students.


The membership will cover the distinct areas of research expertise within the Institute. 

The membership is: