Databank trends

Databank trends

Some Facts and Figures

The AMND has grown considerably since our last annual report in 2002. As of September 2015, we now have data on:

  • Total no. of women – 181,145
  • Pregnancies - 274,323
  • Deliveries - 272,449
  • Babies - 277,324
  • Twins - 4,120

Here we present some time trends derived from data from the AMND.

Number of deliveries over time

Mode of delivery

Median age at delivery

Changes in Ceasarian Section rates

Changes in maternal characteristics at induction of labour

Trend of teenage conceptions and the rate ratio of teenage pregnancy in women who are either in the most deprived Carstairs category or the unskilled occupational social class category (McCall et al., 2014).

Teenage trends