Name: Mrs Fiona Sim

Title of PhD Project: Language Delay and Psychopathology at Age 30 Months

Dates: September 2012 to May 2018


To explore the scope and predictive validity of universal community-based screening for neurodevelopmental difficulties in pre-schoolers. The PhD comprises of four key questions which have already/will be presented in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals;

  1. What is the performance of available preschool screening tools for language and socio-emotional concerns?
  2. Can we develop a brief and accurate preschool neurodevelopmental screening tool for use in the community?
  3. What is the prevalence of neurodevelopmental concerns identified by a universal preschool screening tool?
  4. What do neurodevelopmental concerns identified in the preschool years predict in the early school years?

Supervisory team:

  • Professor Philip Wilson
  • Dr. Lucy Thompson
  • Dr. Louise Marryat

Publication links: