Chronic Disease Research Group

Chronic Disease Research Group

Our Aim

To improve health through the clinical research of chronic diseases and health care, supporting evidenced based practice and policy.


Outward looking group where strength is in the network of collaborations within IAHS, clinical partners (aided by joint contracts) and externally.


Cross cutting themes

Five cross cutting methodological themes underpin the work of the group and members of the group bring complementary areas of expertise.

  • Data science
  • Cohorts
  • Descriptive and analytical epidemiology
  • Evidence to inform practice and policy: evidence synthesis and RCTs
  • Risk prediction/stratification

In keeping with the ethos of the group, we lead or contribute to a substantial number of collaborations both within the organisation and externally. The group also host a number of chronic disease datasets.

Data Linkage Research


Staff | Honorary Staff | Affiliated Staff | Postgraduate Students


Research Fellow

Research Coordinators

Clinical Lecturer

Research Nurses

Honorary Staff

Hon Senior Clinical Lecturer

  • Dr Nick Fluck
  • Dr Simon Hilton
  • Dr William Moore
  • Dr Emmanuel Okpo
  • Dr Maria Rossi
  • Dr Chris Littlejohn
  • Dr Laura Clark
  • Dr Angharad Marks

Affiliated Staff

  • Melanie Turner - Research Fellow
  • Steve Turner - Chair in Paediatrics

Postgraduate Students

  • Lina F M Altayeb


For enquires about a specific research area, please contact the clinical lead of that programme or the lead researcher.

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