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The University of Aberdeen (a) Health Services Research Unit, 3rd Floor Health Sciences Building, University of Aberdeen, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD
(b) School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, Univrsity of Aberdeen, 50-52 College Bounds, AB24 3UB


Vikki Entwistle is Professor of Health Services Research and Philosophy. She has academic homes within both the Health Services Research Unit (Institute of Applied Health Sciences) on the University's Foresterhill campus and Philosophy (School of Divinity, History and Philosophy) on the Old Aberdeen campus.

Vikki has had the privilege of working in, and visiting, a number of universities internationally, gravitating back to the University of Aberdeen each time with an extended range of valued colleagues and learning. Most recently, Vikki rejoined us in April 2020 from the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the National University of Singapore where she continues to hold a visiting appointment. 

As her joint appointment within the University of Aberdeen suggests, Vikki's research and teaching are highly interdisciplinary. Broadly speaking, she uses philosophy and social research to understand and address problems relating to healthcare, public health and social justice. She is particularly interested in conceptual and ethical questions relating to so-called person-centred approaches to service provision, and she often uses feminist theorising and a capabilities approach to human wellbeing in her work. Currently, Vikki is particularly occupied with a project funded by the Wellcome Trust that asks 'But why is that better?' and explores what applied philosophy and ethics can contribute to healthcare improvement.  


Current Research




Teaching Responsibilities

For Academic Year 2020-21 my main teaching commitments are as follows: 

Course co-ordinator for PU5528: Values and ethics in public health

This Masters level (level 5) course is offered as an elective for several postgraduate degrees in Applied Health. 

Lecturer for PH1522: how should we live? 

This level 1 course is co-ordinated by Professor Beth Lord. I will contribute introductions to Virtue Ethics, Feminist Approaches to Ethics, and the Capability Approach. 

Lecturer for PH306D: contemporary research topics in philosophy

This level 3 course is co-ordinated by Dr Luca Moretti. I will contribute teaching on various questions relating to Trust, and on the use of Thought Experiments to examine ethical issues. 

Project and dissertation supervision:

I will be very happy to discuss supervision possibilities with students undergraduate philosophy students and with postgraduate students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds interested in pursuing questions of ethics or social justice, usually but not exclusively in domains relating to health. 




Further Info

Educational qualifications

BA (hons) Theology and Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge 1986

MSc Information Science (Distinction), City University 1990

PhD Information Science, City University 1994

MA Philosophy (Distinction), Open University 2008

Social media

I use Twitter, though not particularly regularly. You can find me @entwistlev.