Staff at HSRU are following current government and NHS advice and are working from home. 

    Staff can still be contacted via email, and a contact list is available here.


There are around 80 members of staff, working together cohesively, with everyone's contribution valued. The atmosphere is friendly, informal and efficient. The Unit is located in purpose-built accommodation of the University’s Health Sciences Building. This physical co-location of staff in modern well-resourced space provides a vibrant research environment. It also allows early career researchers easy access to senior colleagues, and facilitates the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

The Unit has a five-year rolling contract, currently running to 2024, with the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates.

This contract gives the Unit responsibility for the following general remit:

  • to study or evaluate health care activities with a view to improving effectiveness and efficiency;
  • to work for the implementation of proven changes;
  • to encourage and support similar work throughout Scotland;
  • to build capacity in health services research through training and other development activities.

In pursuit of this remit, the Unit has established an internationally recognised portfolio of health services research focusing on two main, integrated, programmes; Health Care Assessment and Improving Experiences of Care. An innovative programme of methodological research underpins this substantive portfolio of research. 

Much of the work is done in collaboration with the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT) which is located within the Unit. The Unit's work is characterised by being collaborative and multidisciplinary. This involves a range of national and international partners.


What the staff think about HSRU culture – words collected at Staff Away Day