Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a common condition where patients have such severe lung injury, they require to spend time on a ventilator. Despite being common, about 1/3 of patients do not survive and trials are needed to find potential treatments. Steroids have been studied as a potential treatment option, with mixed results. We would like to perform a trial of inhaled steroids in these patients.

Trials in the ICU setting are notoriously difficult to perform and often under recruit. To ensure a future trial is feasible, we will:

  • Speak to 12 former ICU patients and their relatives to see what they think about how we could recruit patients to such a study and what the important outcomes are for them
  • Survey ICU doctors and Research Nurses with a sample protocol to see if they believe it could be delivered in their hospital 
  • Review the current number of patients admitted to each UK ICU to identify potential future sites
  • Identify sites where there is already a lot of ICU research activity, so may not have the capacity to take on another trial 

The Chief Investigator for this study is Dr Callum Kaye, who is an ICU Consultant at NHS Grampian and a NRS Clinical Research Fellow. The study has been funded by the NHSG/UoA Road to Recovery Endowment Funding.

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