Health Care Assessment

Health Care Assessment

The HCA programme focuses on the rigorous evaluation of health care interventions.

The underlying philosophy of the programme is the generation of new knowledge through the application of, and interaction between, knowledge synthesis and primary research (particularly randomised controlled trials - RCTs).  The programme is supported by cross cutting methodological research and knowledge synthesis.

Current Project Highlights

  • REGAL - Recurrence of Endometriosis: A randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness of Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Analogues with add-back hormone
  • I-TRAC - In-home Tracking of glaucoma: Reliability, Acceptability, and Cost: the I-TRAC Study
  • PARTIAL - a randomised trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of complex PARTIAL vs radical nephrectomy for clinically localised renal cell carcinoma
  • PIP - Pulpotomy for the management of Irreversible Pulpitis in mature teeth
  • REINFORCE - Real-World Evaluation of Robot-Assisted Surgical Services
  • SPIROMAC - SPIROmetry to Manage Asthma in Children’
  • What is the evidence for interventions used to manage sleep disturbances in people with fibromyalgia? 

Completed Project Highlights

  • C-GALL - A randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of laparoscopic cholecystectomy compared with observation/conservative management for preventing recurrent symptoms and complications in adults with uncomplicated symptomatic gallstones
  • EDNA - Early Detection of Neovascular Age-related macular degeneration 
  • REINFORCE WP1 - Real-World Evaluation of Robot-Assisted Surgical Services (REINFORCE): Work Package 1 - Optimisation of RAS implementation and scale up  (WP1)
  • SIMS - Single-incision adjustable mini-slings versus standard tension-free mid-urethral slings in the management of stress urinary incontinence: a pragmatic multicentre non-inferiority randomised controlled trial
  • TestES Consortium - Testosterone Effects and Safety in Men with Low Testosterone levels (TestES Consortium): An evidence synthesis (including an individual participant data meta-analysis) and economic evaluation