Child food insecurity in the UK

Child food insecurity in the UK

This rapid review has been commissioned by the UK Food Foundation via the NIHR Public Health Research Programme to assess the current evidence on the extent, nature and consequences of food insecurity affecting children in the UK.

This rapid review is part of a year-long national Inquiry into Children Future Food. Literature from 1995 onwards in which food insecurity has been assessed in children aged up to 18 years in high-income countries will be included in the review. Five main research questions will be addressed by the review: the nature and determinants of child food insecurity; the incidence, prevalence and costs of child food insecurity in the UK; the impact of food insecurity on children’s health and social well-being; the interventions developed to eliminate, reduce or mitigate child food insecurity in high-income countries; and the cost-effectiveness of such interventions. Major electronic databases will be searched, along with the websites of UK government, relevant public and private institutions, charities and major international organisations concerned with child health and poverty.

The review will be conducted according to current best-practice guidelines and will include a narrative description of the findings. This rapid review will provide the UK Food Foundation with an objective overview of the current evidence on which to base their on-going inquiry. Preliminary results have been presented at an Inquiry Committee Meeting at Westminster in March 2018. The Westminster Committee meeting was chaired by Sharon Hodgson MP.