Graduating In Absentia

(For students who do not appear at a ceremony)

Degree, PGDE and DPLP candidates should note that, if you wish, you are entitled to have your award conferred in absentia, thus avoiding the expense and possible inconvenience of attending in person. Currently the graduation fee to graduate in absentia is £10. There is also an option to make an additional payment to have your certificate sent by courier service. Please note that if you graduate in absentia, you are normally unable to also graduate in person and vice versa.

Those completing with a Certificate or a Diploma (with the exception of PGDE and DPLP students) do not appear at graduation ceremonies and can only 'graduate' in absentia. To request your Award you must still submit an Application form.

To graduate in absentia you should apply by printing an Application form from your Student Hub. If you no longer have access you can collect/request a form from the Infohub or if you are not on campus we can email you a copy to complete and return. Contact us at

It will take about a month after the published date of graduation to prepare and check all parchments before despatch. Posting dates are published here.