Suggestions For Tutors

Suggestions For Tutors

The guidelines for tutors given in this site have been structured into three components: Course content, Levels of attainment and Course assessment and subdivided as shown in the contents list.

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Course content

  • General geological / palaeontological content
  • Specialist subject content

Levels of attainment

  • Final Honours level
  • Junior Honours level
  • Specialist topic in a non-geological course
  • Basic University level
  • Pre-University level

Course Assessment

  • Assessment Methods
  • Report / Essay titles
  • Seminar topics
  • Examination questions
  • Practicals - image interpretation

Tutors may wish to follow the course suggestions provided above, or prefer to structure the information and assessment to suit the requirements of their own institution.

The authors of this course would welcome any feedback from tutors that would help improve the course, but cannot supply standard essays or answers to questions.