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The Learning Resource Site

This module is intended to give an overview of all aspects of our present knowledge of the Rhynie chert. It is sub-divided into separate sections listed below. Many sections are further sub-divided to give detail on particular aspects of the Rhynie chert flora and fauna. Each of the main sections is a self-contained package, however greatest benefit will be gained by going through the material in numerical order.

The images included within this resource provide for the first time an extensive illustration of the content of the Rhynie chert. New discoveries will be added as they are described in the scientific literature.

  1. Basic Facts

  2. What is the Rhynie Chert?

  3. History of research at Rhynie

  4. How do we study the Rhynie Chert?

  5. Age of the Rhynie Chert

  6. Geology and setting

  7. Mineralisation and hydrothermal alteration

  8. Chert textures

  9. Taphonomy of the plants and animals and their preservation

  10. Silicification and the conversion of sinter to chert

  11. Fossil flora

  12. Fossil fauna

  13. Evidence for plant/animal interactions

  14. The ancient environment and modern analogues

  15. Significance to science?