Course content

Course content

General Geological / Palaeontological Content

The contents of the resource are primarily arranged to provide a logical progression of information relating to the Rhynie chert. Thus in order to appreciate the geological background and origin of the deposit, and the fossil content of the chert the sections of the resource are best examined in the order presented.

Each section is provided with a basic factual summary of the information. This is followed by more detailed technical information, using technical terms, and with reference to appropriate literature. The broad nature of the content gives the tutor and student the chance to experience a variety of geological and palaeontological topics that would not normally be found in a traditional course.

Specialist Subject Content

The Rhynie deposits attract several specialist interest groups and can contribute information for courses related to (for example):

  • History of geology
  • Hydrothermal systems / ancient and modern hot-spring deposits
  • Botany / palaeobotany
  • General palaeontology
  • Evolution (plants / arthropods)
  • Early terrestrial environments
  • Palaeoenvironmental interpretation

For such courses the information provided here can provide a web-based resource to use as a part of a course of study, giving potential variety to the learning experience. The literature referenced in the bibliography, and glossary of terms are intended to assist those with a variety of interests who may not be familiar with specialist terminology.