We provide a range of services including consultation, planning, analysis and training. In all cases, the initial consultation is free but, thereafter, it is necessary for us to make a charge. Advice to PhD students is, however, free, although limited time is available for this.

We recommend that you and contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs or to send an initial enquiry with details of study design, sample numbers and primary aims/research question. Appointments are available at Old Aberdeen or Foresterhill.

If you wish to be provided with a bioinformatics service, after this initial enquiry, please complete and return the Service Request Form


If you are considering a project, or have a bioinformatics problem you wish to ask advice on, we are happy to provide consultations. We make no charge for an initial consultation.


Assistance with planning the bioinformatics component of projects and in preparing grant applications is available.

We recommend that people contact us as early as possible when planning a project.


We provide data analysis for a range of projects using sequence data and also offer custom solutions requiring command line, HPC and/or biological informatics expertise. If you would like us to analyse data, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Further details of our Bioinformatics Analysis Services are available here.

Before starting work on a project, we will provide you with a quote, detailing what we will provide, costs and expected times, and a copy of our data policy.

We strongly recommend that you contact us when planning your project, if you wish us to perform data analysis. If you have not obtained our agreement at the planning stage, and insufficient resources have been allocated, we may not be able to fully analyse your data.


Training sessions are provided throughout the academic year for researchers at all positions. Topics covered include an introduction to Unix and Maxwell as well as analysis specific workshops. Please see our training schedule for more details.