A Film & Talk by Bruce Fummey: Transatlantic Slavery...It's personal

A Film & Talk by Bruce Fummey: Transatlantic Slavery...It's personal

This is a past event

We're delighted to welcome stand-up comedian and Youtuber Bruce Fummey to the University for a showing of his latest film and to talk about how it came to be made in Aberdeen.

This is a talk Bruce Fummey didn’t even want to give, but when asked by the University of Aberdeen Museums and Special Collections to make a video about the university’s links to the Transatlantic slave trade, the connections were too deep and wide ranging not to get involved. Bruce talks about how layers of revelation led to the production of this most challenging of videos for his YouTube channel Scotland History Tours.

About Bruce Fummey

If you've watched the YouTube channel, Scotland History Tours, then you'll have heard Bruce Fummey telling stories from Scotland's history. After his appearance at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe, Bruce became known for routines with irreverent presentations of traditional Scottish history and culture. Drawn from his experience as a Scottish Ghanaian, his shows were themed around topics such as the Jacobite Rising; Burns' "Tam o' Shanter"; the formation of Scotland; the truth about Macbeth and more. He also worked as a tour guide from 2018, but the pandemic stopped contact with the public and thrust him into the world of the YouTube film-maker!

Bruce Fummey: Transatlantic Slavery...It's personal

Legacies of Slavery: Transatlantic Slavery and Aberdeen

This event is part of a programme of talks, workshops and discussions accompanying the 'Legacies of Slavery' exhibition from the Museums & Special Collections.

The exhibition will be on display in the Library Gallery until 2 December 2023.

The content and images of the exhibits can also be viewed online.

Legacies of Slavery: Transatlantic Slavery and Aberdeen

Bruce Fummey
Hosted by
University of Aberdeen Museums & Special Collections
King's Conference Centre

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