farmer with wheatEnvironment and Food Security is one of the four University of Aberdeen’s Interdisciplinary Themes, aiming to use its broad disciplinary base to address major global challenges.

The University of Aberdeen is internationally recognised for cutting edge research that has been at the forefront in shaping understanding of environmental processes, biotic-abiotic interactions underpinning ecosystem function, agricultural production, and exploitation of marine resources.

It is these disciplinary strengths which will underpin the Environment and Food Security (EFS) Theme to develop and adopt sustainable solutions to crucial societal issues.

Our vision is to build a world leading centre in research, training, outreach and knowledge exchange to address global grand challenges.

The EFS Theme is built on the philosophy that key Environment & Food Security issues can only be addressed through a diverse research community interacting with policy makers to identify priorities, with subsequent delivery through a combination of fundamental science and translational activity.

By focussing on providing stakeholders and policy makers with a robust, evidence-based framework to guide government and other decision making bodies, and through fostering open dialogue with these groups, we intend to create a step-change in our ability to influence policy.

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