The Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Research Group is focused on (i) modelling and analysis of engineering systems exhibiting non-linear responses, and practical applications of dynamics, control and condition monitoring; (ii) impact and explosion mechanics, including fundamental understanding of energy absorption and deformation characteristics of materials and sandwich structures with metal foams and truss cores subjected to blast, shock or ballistic loading.

The majority of the work of the group is strategically focused on the Energy theme which has been identified as one of the research council priorities and also an institutional priority theme. At a European level the group successfully participates in the EC Framework programme including a Marie Curie Network lead by Lublin University of Technology, Poland and an FP6 project coordinated by the Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen, The Netherlands. The energy related projects include development of Resonance Enhanced Drilling (RED) entering now commercialisation phase, investigation of drill-string dynamics supported by BG Group, pilot studies of pendulum dynamics exploring ideas of energy extraction from sea waves, and work on energy absorption by various material and structures under shock/impact loading. In 2003 the Group members established the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) and information about CADR activities is available here