The RED Project

The RED Project

What is RED (Resonance Enhanced Drilling)?

RED is a revolutionary onshore and offshore drilling technology which:

  • Can significantly reduce wellbore creation time on average around 40%, in hard rocks a few times
  • Has capability to drill with one bit
  • Has capacity to drill with a small Weight-On-Bit (WOB)

The technology applies an adjustable high frequency dynamic stress [generated by axial oscillations] in combination with rotary action. The oscillations are introduced behind the drill-bit (by PZTs, MSs). The resonance conditions between the drill-bit and the drilled formation are maintained for varying drilling conditions by adjusting the frequency and amplitude to produce a steadily propagating fracture zone. RED is particularly well suited for hard rocks.

Scottish Enterprise recognised that low business expenditure on R&D was an issue for Scotland and invested in this area to encourage innovation and uptake of new technology, hence their role in commissioning and funding early stage R&D to create market-driven commercially-focused business opportunities. Now that the RED programme has delivered a portfolio of commercially valuable intellectual assets and is on course to deliver on its technical objectives the stakeholders are looking beyond a public funding stage to a business commercialisation stage which provides tangible and enduring benefit to the Scottish economy.

With this in mind, RMS Limited have been appointed as commercial and strategic advisors to the RED programme to investigate private sector and industry partnering and funding options for commercialisation of the technology and to appraise potential end-user uptake across the spectrum of application. Interest and opinion is welcome from potential investors, partners, collaborators or end users with a view to defining the next stages of development, field testing and commercialisation.


RED Team

Group photograph taken in October 2011. From left to right: (front row) Dr David Hendry, Derek Logan, Prof Marian Wiercigroch, Dr Ekaterina Pavlovskaia, Dr Jerzy Wojewoda, Dr Yang Liu, Dr Rachael Wakefield, (back row) Edward Stephen, Dr Olusegun Ajibose, Marko Keber, Dr James Ing, Sashank Kalidindi.