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Hear Roger Esson (OGTC) and Richard Neilson (University of Aberdeen) discuss the National Decommissioning Centre

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The University of Aberdeen is the recognised leader in offshore oil and gas decommissioning and is home to the National Decommissioning Centre.

Established with government support, through the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), this multi-million-pound centre of excellence works in partnership with government and industry to deliver research and training aimed at transforming oil and gas decommissioning and mature field management.

The NDC is located at a dedicated research facility in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire which offers companies and researchers a range of word class research facilities, including:

  • Hyperbaric testing
  • Indoor immersion tank
  • Environmental chamber
  • Industrial laser
  • Supercomputer
  • Advanced workshop 

Researchers at the NDC work alongside operators and contractors throughout the supply chain in delivering a range of services including:

  • Joint research projects 
  • PhD Students (to work on industry projects)
  • Testing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Decom simulator
  • Digital and data

View the prospectus page for the MSc Decommissioning

View the National Decommissioning Centre website

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