Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman
Dr Marcus Campbell Bannerman

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work +44 (0)1224 274480
The University of Aberdeen Fraser Noble Building, FN266
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My software:
DynamO : Event-driven particle dynamics simulator for molecular/granular dynamics.
Simcem.com : Thermodynamics software and database for combustion and high-temperature cement pyroprocessing.

Example videos of datasets rendered using the DynamO visualisation code: YouTube playlist


Research Interests

My research is centred on the theory and simulation of particle systems, with a specific focus on using discrete force models. These are a general class of model which I use to study both molecular and macroscopic scale particle systems.

To drive forward the study of discrete particle models, I have developed and released a unique and cutting-edge event-driven particle-dynamics package called DynamO. DynamO is a general tool that has already found application in a wide range of systems such as granular dampers, nano-colloidal fluids, and protein folding/helix formation (see publications below).

I also work on a wide range of other computational engineering software and I'm interested in any problem which can be attacked numerically.

Current Research

The major focus of my current research centres around the development of a new class of particle models for solids processing systems. Current models are unrealistically "soft" to avoid numerical difficulties in simulations; however, discrete potential models hold the key to capturing realistic particle properties while avoiding numerical complications. Coupled with novel algorithms, it is now possible to simulate process scale equipment with millions of particles in near real-time.


Teaching Responsibilities

EX3030 Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer
EM40JN Heat and Momentum Transfer
EX3502 Separation Processes 1 (evaporation, distillation, and absorption)
EG4012/EG4013 Overall coordinator for undergraduate thesis/individual projects. 

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Programme coordinator for Chemical Engineering
Member of the Workload Model Committee
Engineering Website Administrator