Partners and Supporters

Partners and Supporters

Our public engagement with research strategy is built on partnership. By cooperating with others we can deliver a better programme and take advantage of more diverse areas of expertise.


Aberdeen City Council

We work closely with many different departments within Aberdeen City Council.

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives are a partner on various active research projects.

The City Council's Events, Twinning and Cultural Teams are key partners that we work with to achieve excellent public engagement with research opportunities throughout the city and to develop and expand our role as a key cultural provider for the life of the city and region.

Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums are also key City Council partners for events at plenty of locations in Aberdeen City and whose rich collections help us provide unique and diverse public engagement opportunities.

Aberdeen Science Centre

Aberdeen Science Centre is the first interactive science centre in Scotland. 

As one of our key partners, the centre is a great place to host events with a public audience and showcase interactive exhibits.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum tells the story of the city's prominent relationships with the sea and ships. It covers everything from the earliest days of trading, fishing, shipbuilding to the discovery of Noth Sea oil and gas, and Aberdeen as a leader in global energy transition.

We work closely with the Aberdeen Maritime Museum to showcase their rich collections to the wider public and provide opportunities for research engagement.

Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre

The Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre is a Science and Environment education centre based within the University of Aberdeen. They are engaging school children, local communities and the general public through teacher training courses, school workshops and public events on science and the environment.

We work together the centre to raise awareness of science and the environment, organise public events and activities for schools and teachers.

British Science Association

The British Science Association develops and delivers science engagement programmes through the education sector, public-facing events and campaigns and influencing stakeholders.

We have partnered with the British Science Association to deliver engaging activities for people of all ages and support teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators and the general public to participate in STEM events and activities through British Science Week.

University Museums

University Museums showcase a number of exhibitions both online and in-person to make the history of Scotland and UK accessible to people of all ages and locations.

We work with University Museums to deliver events and activities that stimulate people to engage with research and science.


The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) was established in 2008. Funded by Research Councils UK, the Wellcome Trust and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HFCE).

They work with a large number of institutions and organisations to create expertise in Public Engagement. They also offer support, advice and toolkits for Public Engagement as well as hosting an annual Public Engagement Conference.

SHMU Organisation

Station House Media Unit (SHMU) is one of the core cultural organisations in Aberdeen, supporting residents in radio and video productions, traditional and online publications, music production and digital activities. SHMU also supports disadvantaged communities through an employability and training arm and programmes for adults facing personal challenges.

Previously, we have partnered with SHMU to deliver the Talking Science radio show that brought mix of news, interviews and regular features including science you can try at home and a weekly sound of science competition.