Research Themes 


International Studies in Social and Educational Development

Staff in the School of Education are currently carrying out research in international contexts including countries such as Rwanda, Malawi, Bangaladesh, Ethiopia and Cambodia. Education for Global Citizenship is a core part of our undergraduate curriculum. The School of Education also hosts the Centre for Global Development, which is a centre of excellence committed to inter-sectional and interdisciplinary working for equality, social justice and sustainable futures. We welcome students from across the world who wish to explore social and educational issues from an international perspective as a focus for study at PhD level.

Lifelong Professional Education & Development

Understanding the ways in which people learn to become teachers and continue their professional learning throughout their careers is a core part of work in the School of Education. We also carry out research in relation to teacher education and teacher educators from international perspectives. Our supervisors have interests ranging from the role of relationships, communities of practice and belongingness in teacher education, to boundary crossing and professional learning for vocational teachers. Creative approaches to teaching and learning and international perspectives in the early years is also a key research focus. Our research is shaping national and international policies.

Educational Inclusion & Wellbeing

Educational inclusion and wellbeing are at the heart of much of the research carried out in the School of Education. Staff research interests range from studies of the practice and teaching of mindfulness to exploring inclusive approaches to learning and teaching in the classroom. Our research both critiques and informs policy. We also host the Centre for Counselling which promotes the practice and study of respectful ways of relating to others, self and the world around us.  Our students have developed projects within this research theme in a range of settings including schools, prisons and contexts which support vulnerable people in society.

Pedagogy and Digital Learning

Pedagogical research in a range of learning contexts relating to life-long formal and informal learning is a key area of research in this school. We have expertise in arts-based approaches to learning, experiential learning, as well as research in particular disciplinary areas such as science education, humanities education, and teaching and learning English as a second language. Digital learning is a key part of life in the School, and we welcome students interested in the role of digital platforms and digital pedagogies to apply for PhD study.