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A research team led by Professor M. Azizul Islam  is working on a project to  explore the impacts of Covid-19 on the enforcement of multi-national corporations' (MNCs) and their Bangladeshi suppliers' accountability instruments (social/factory audits, codes of conduct and CSR reporting).

In response to global concerns about modern slavery and human rights abuses in manufacturing factories in the Global South, new transparency and accountability regulations, including the UK modern slavery Act 2015 and the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 have been introduced to address modern slavery, including within global supply chains operating in the Global South. MNCs and their Bangladeshi suppliers have also started taking steps to eliminate modern slavery and human rights abuses from garment manufacturing factories. They have put in place social/factory audits, codes of conduct and CSR to ensure compliance with the new web of modern slavery transparency laws and human rights treaties. However, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, early media reports suggest that there is a noticeable worsening of the working conditions of workers in garment manufacturing factories in Bangladesh. In this context, Interviews with workers, suppliers and NGOs in Bangladesh, our research investigates the extent to which workers' economic and social rights are respected by MNCs, Bangladeshi employers and the Bangladesh government both during the Covid-19 pandemic and in its aftermath.

This project is funded by the Scottish Funding Council (GCRF - SFC Allocation for 20/21).

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