The Centre for Governance, Accountability, and Sustainability

The Centre for Governance, Accountability, and Sustainability

The Accountancy group at the University of Aberdeen Business School has a long and well-established tradition in interdisciplinary research that utilises a range of philosophical, methodological, and empirical approaches to its investigations. The group produces world-class contemporary and historical research that are of importance to the accounting profession, policy makers, regulators, business etc. and those who have a desire to address deep social, economic and sustainability issues facing the world. The group further has strong relationships with professional and accounting bodies which facilitates opportunities to identify and develop research that deals with real-world problems.

The accountancy group’s research, the Centre for Governance, Accountability, and Sustainability (GAS), provides a platform of organisational support for researchers to build on and knowledge share their research outputs. The Centre has a commitment to undertaking inter and trans-disciplinary research in which expertise across disciplines will be integrated together to forge new understanding and new ways of addressing critical sustainability and global grand challenges within the context of the accounting profession and wider business and economic spheres; and in how accountancy may inform internal decision-makers on these issues.

Accounting for Society and the Environment (ASE) Workshop 2024

Wednesday 8th May, 2024

The ASE 2024 workshop was held in the Linklater Rooms, University of Aberdeen. It was sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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Policies for a Circular Scotland

Friday 26th April, 2024

Policies for a Circular Scotland: Where we are and how to change it

This workshop was held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. It was supported by Scottish Universities Insight institute.

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A Circular Scotland in Europe

Thursday 7th December, 2023

A Circular Scotland in Europe: Can we overcome post-Brexit barriers and achieve social upgrading through a circular economy in Scotland?

This workshop was held at the P&J Live, Aberdeen. It was supported by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.

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Manufacturing's Role in a Circular Scotland

Friday 10th November, 2023

Manufacturing's Role in a Circular Scotland: Overcoming post-Brexit challenges to deliver on internationalisation, circular economy, and sustainability 

This workshop was held at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland in Paisley. It was supported by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.

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Current Projects

Impact of Global Clothing Retailers' Unfair Practices on Bangladeshi Suppliers during Covid-19

This project aims to investigate the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath on corporate accountability and transparency relating to the working conditions of workers in the Bangladesh garment manufacturing industry which supplies goods to businesses in the Global North.

Funded by the Scottish Funding Council (GCRF - SFC Allocation for 20/21).

Lead Investigator: Professor M. Azizul Islam

Corporate Accountability in relation to Gender in global supply chains

The aim of this project is to recommend post-Covid-19 policy and accountability measures to eliminate modern slavery and create a gender sensitive, decent work environment within the garments supply factories in Bangladesh and other countries.

Funded by the UK AHRC as part of the UK Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) call for research on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on modern slavery (AHRC Grant Ref: AH/V009788/1; 2020-2021)

Lead Investigator: Professor M. Azizul Islam