Rental Guarantor Scheme

Rental Guarantor Scheme
What is the University of Aberdeen Rental Guarantor Scheme?
The University of Aberdeen Rental Guarantor Scheme has been established to enable students to secure privately rented accommodation by providing a UK based guarantor (this does not include private purpose built student accommodation, the scheme is for single students only and does not include family accommodation). A guarantor agrees to guarantee the payment of your rent to a landlord/agent in the event that you cannot. Many landlords require a UK-based guarantor so international students who do not have access to a UK-based guarantor may find that this is a suitable option.
If relevant eligibility criteria are met, University of Aberdeen may act as a UK-based rent guarantor for your rent, up to a total of £550 per month for up to 12 calendar months.  There is a limited amount of applications that the University accepts for each session.
Students should note the new tenancy laws in Scotland which came into effect on 1 December 2017. These new laws mean that tenants of privately rented accommodation should not be asked to sign up for a time-limited lease, that your rent can only increase once every twelve months and that you must notify the landlord 28 days in advance if you wish to end your tenancy.
In addition, living in University owned accommodation does not require a guarantor. For further information on University-owned accommodation options, visit:
Who can apply?
To be eligible for the Rent Guarantor scheme, students must:

a) not currently be in debt (either academic or non-academic) to the University;
b) must be in satisfactory academic standing with the University;
c) be enrolled on a full-time programme (undergraduate or postgraduate taught) for the duration of the guarantor agreement (and not in a writing-up period or research);
d) must be able to demonstrate ability to pay their rent, either by:

i. being in receipt of a SAAS loan or equivalent; and/or
ii. holding a valid Tier 4 visa for the period in question; and/or
iii. being able to demonstrate sufficient incoming funds to cover the rent for the duration of the letting period to the satisfaction of the University.
It is important that you read the information sheet which gives details on the scheme and what you need to do.
Please use the attached student application form to apply.