Accommodation Queries

Moving Rooms

Please visit the Accommodation Office to complete a transfer request form to enable you to move rooms. It is possible for you to move within University accommodation (as long as the change is 'like for like', in terms of length of lease). An administration charge of £25 is payable upon acceptance of the transfer.

Can I get out of my University Accommodation Contract

No, only if you have withdrawn from the University otherwise you will be held liable for the rent until your termination date unless you find a replacement to take over your room, this student must not be living in University accommodation and must be the same gender.

Where's the Accommodation office?

The Accommodation office is located within InfoHub at 91 High Street.

Where do I pay for my accommodation

Accommodation fees can be paid at InfoHub (they are located at 91 High Street). Alternatively, you can pay via the internet at, you will require your Student ID number to make payment. 

How can I view my accommodation contract?

You can view your accommodation contract at any time via the eAccommodation Portal, the schedule page will show all dates that you need to pay by. You will have 30 days to make any payments.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can set up a payment plan with the Finance Section. They are located at InfoHub, Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm or you can contact them at

What happens during the vacation periods?

If you live in University accommodation, you are allowed to stay during the vacation periods.

Alcohol Free Block

A selected block within Keith House is alcohol free for undergraduate students and postgraduate students, no alcohol is allowed in the accommodation also no friends who visit can bring alcohol and any parties held there must be alcohol free.  Please note that you will be required to adhere to specific terms and conditions.

Bathroom Facilities

All our properties are either shared bathroom facilities or en-suite.

Bicycle Storage

A cycle shed is provided at Hillhead.

A code for the bike sheds can be obtained from the Reception at the Central Building at the Hillhead Student Village. The code is changed for each academic year to guarantee security and any bikes remaining at the end of the summer term are disposed of.

For reasons of fire safety, bicycles must not be stored inside buildings or obstruct access to and from buildings. Bicycles found inside the building will be removed.

Persistent offenders may be subject to disciplinary action. All bikes must be removed on the last day of the summer term. Bikes will be disposed of after this date. Bicycles should not be ridden on the pathways around campus.

Car Parking

There is FREE parking at Hillhead Student Village.

There is no designated resident parking on campus at Elphinstone Road Flat or King's Hall. Parking Restrictions apply on Campus. Parking Charge Notices (PCN) of £60 could be issued to vehicles parked in contravention of the parking regulations.

Collection of Keys

Keys can be collected from the date that your contract commences, normally Move in Weekend.

  • King's Hall and Elphinstone Road: keys should be collected at the reception desk at the Central Building at the Hillhead Student Village (+44 (0)1224 27 4000 - ext 4002) at Hillhead Halls, open 24 hours.
  • Hillhead Halls (Adam Smith, Fyfe, Wavell, Grant Court, Keith House, Hector Boece Court, North Court, South House, New Carnegie Court): keys should be collected at the reception desk at the Central Building at the Hillhead Student Village (+44 (0)1224 27 4000 - ext 4002) at Hillhead Halls, open 24 hours.
  • Trinity Court/King Street: the accommodation department will be in touch regarding arrangements for key collection
Catered contract

Weekly Meal Plan allowance of £57 gives the opportunity to purchase meals, hot drinks and snacks when and where you want.

A meal plan card will be issued (38 weeks only) allowing the ‘purchase’ of meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks at various times through the day

  • Monday to Friday: 6.30am-8.30am and 5pm-11pm
  • Saturday:  11.30am - 12 midnight 
  • Sunday: 11.30am - 10pm 

Food & drink can be enjoyed from any of the 10 cafes, coffee bars and food outlets operated by the University providing the flexibility of what and when food and drink is taken. 

Dinner & Brunch is available only from the Works Café-Bar Bistro in the Hillhead Student Village. 

Additionally, the catered residence has a kitchen facility allowing a cup of tea, coffee, snack or a light bite to be made when everything else is closed. 

Click here for more details of the great food available. 


Residents will be charged for any damage (which they do not record on the online inventory at the start of the Accommodation Agreement period) in their bedroom and a share of non-attributable damages in communal areas of the flat or house. It is therefore important that residents complete the online inventory form on arrival.

Details of damages and costs are given in the Your Home Booklet which is available on the eAccommodation Portal.


We have a range of adapted flats available for students with a disability. If you require adjustments while at the University of Aberdeen, you should also contact the Student Advice and Support Office for further discussion, if you haven't already done so.

Disciplinary Procedure

Under the University's Code of Practice on Student Discipline, residents who break the rules can be called in for a disciplinary hearing. There are different classes of hearing depending on the severity of the offence. Class One can incur a fine of up to £100, Class Two a fine of up to £250 and Class Three the possibility of removal from your accommodation. Disciplinary panels are made up of two members of Campus Services management staff and one student rep.


It is vital that you register with a local doctor within two weeks of your arrival in Aberdeen. Please visit this link to find out more:

The Student Advice and Support Office located on the second floor of the Students' Union Building is able to provide leaflets detailing local GP surgeries - please feel free to call in and pick one up.

Electrical Equipment

All University owned electrical equipment is checked for safety and will display a sticker indicating when it was last tested.

Students are not permitted to bring into University accommodation any electrical equipment which is electrically unsafe or for which safety cannot be proved. Any portable electrical equipment brought into the residences must have a sealed and factory fitted plug top.

Fire Alarm Testing

Routine testing of the fire alarm system is carried out each Wednesday in the accommodation. You are not required to leave the building during this test, which will be a series of short rings; however if the alarm sounds constantly, you should treat this as an active alarm and evacuate the building.

Fire Arm

Fire arms or other weapons (or their replicas) must neither be brought onto, nor stored on site. Any firearm or weapon (or their replica) found on site will be removed and may be reported to the Police and the breach of this regulation will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.

Fire Escape Routes

If you discover a fire or the fire alarm has been activated, you must leave the building as quickly as possible, closing doors and windows, and make your way to the muster point. You must familiarise yourself with the escape routes, exits and muster points displayed in your room and in communal areas.

The preservation of an unobstructed escape route is essential in the event of a fire.

  • Fire doors must not be kept wedged open
  • Corridors must be kept free of obstruction
  • Bulky equipment such as surfboards, which (like bicycles) might impede evacuation of the building in an emergency, are not permitted in the building

What to do if you hear the fire alarm?

Raise the alarm at the nearest break glass point. Leave the building, closing doors and windows and go to the daytime muster point. Find the person in charge and give details of the location of the fire. Remain outside the building until you are told it is safe to re-enter.


Make sure that you have watched the fire safety video.

Fire Equipment
  • Fire fighting equipment must not be used except in the case of fire
  • If you are concerned about a piece of fire fighting equipment, report it at the Porter's Desk or Reception
  • Never tamper with fire detection, fire alerting or fire fighting equipment

Fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, break glass alarm call points, fire exit signs, etc. are all provided to protect life and property. It is a criminal act to interfere with, misuse or remove any such equipment. It is always the correct action to set off the fire alarm system if you believe there is a fire, however the setting off of the fire alarm system in any other circumstances is viewed extremely seriously by the University, by the Fire Brigade and by the Police and may lead to those responsible facing prosecution.

Fire Prevention

To minimise the risk of fire, some items are banned from Hall and some must only be used and stored in the kitchen area.

It is your responsibility to have all electrical items PAT tested to minimise risk of fire.

The University reserves the right to inspect any electrical appliance or connection which it has reason to believe could be unsafe.

Any banned item found, or any restricted item found being stored in a study bedroom, will be removed and may be collected at any time for removal from the site. The use of barbeques and the letting off of fireworks on site are not permitted.

Banned items

  • Electric Heater of any type (including radiant, convector, fan assisted, oil filled)
  • Gas Heater / Burner
  • Electric Deep Fat Fryer
  • Gas Lamps
  • Candles (any type) and incense sticks
  • Pizza ovens
  • Shisha pipes

Please also ensure that any electrical appliances with continental plugs are replaced with approved UK plugs or used with an approved UK adaptor to minimise the risk of power overload, high voltage and fire.

Restricted items for use within kitchen area only

  • Slow Cooker / Rice Boiler
  • Sandwich Maker
  • Hotplates and Grills Toasters

Fire Safety Video

Make sure that you have watched the fire safety video.


All University accommodation furniture complies with the stringent fire safety regulations.


UoA Gaming is available in ALL University student accommodation. It is not available in our partner properties such as Trinity Court or Zetland House.  This is a new wireless service that allows any device that is incapable of using 802.1x authentication (e.g. PlayStation, Apple TV etc.) to connect to a wireless service other than Eduroam. For more information please download this PDF.


Use of water pistols, water bombs, laser guns, laser pens, and other equipment which the Resident Student Assistant deems potentially detrimental to the welfare of residents or others is not permitted. Action may be taken if these items are continually used on site.

HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) Licence

All University of Aberdeen student accommodation has a current HMO Licence which is issued by Aberdeen City Council.

Insurance for Personal Property

All students who live in University owned or managed accommodation for which they pay residence fees are covered by basic Endsleigh Insurance. Some of your items will not be covered in this policy and you may need to top up your insurance.  For further details click

Internet Access

Each bedroom within University of Aberdeen student accommodation has wireless internet access. Further information is available at


It is vital that you complete the online inventory form within 7 days of moving in, as failure to do so could result in residents being charged for damage not caused by them. You will be sent an email once you have moved into the accommodation reminding you to do so, this is completed via the eAccommodation Portal. A room inspection can be arranged prior to departure. Keys must be handed in immediately after inspection.

You can do this online via your eAccommodation portal.


Room keys/keycards are issued to all residents and must be returned and at the end of the academic year.

A charge of £15.00 will be made for any key/keycard not returned at the end of your contract.  You may be charged rent for the accommodation up to the date that your keys are returned.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of your key/keycard.

If you are going out and are worried about the safety of your keys, you can leave them at the Reception for safekeeping, you can also hand them in during the Easter/Christmas break and collect them when you return.

Should you lose your keys/keycard, replacements can be obtained from the Reception and a charge will be made.


At the conclusion of your lease you must vacate your room by 10am and take all of your belongings with you. Anything left in the rooms beyond the day of departure will be disposed of.


A mattress protector is provided for hygienic purposes and must NOT be removed. Duvets, pillows, sheets and towels are not provided.


The Hillhead launderettes are open 24 hours. Cards can be purchased from the dispensers located in the launderettes at Hillhead. The prices for the cards are £2 for a card only or you can purchase a card for £10 (with £8.50 preloaded credit). Our laundries are all cashless. You can add credit as and when you need it from the Circuit website.

Please note that laundry facility charges will increase on an annual basis. You will also be able to view the availability of the washing and drying machines online. Make sure you keep your card safe, as any replacements for lost or stolen cards will have to be paid for by you.

Lost Property

Lost property found on the premises is held for up to one month. Lost property can be reclaimed from the reception desk. Items of value are passed to the lost property division of the Police within one week of being found.


Motorcycles must not be ridden on the pedestrian paths leading between buildings on campus as it is dangerous and the paths are not designed to take this traffic. Motorcycle owners should refrain from making excessive engine noise, and from carrying out any repairs on campus.

Move in Weekend

You can move in anytime from the date your contract starts. Please check the section "collection of keys" for information on where to collect your keys from.

Over 2000 students are expected during move in weekend which results in major traffic congestion and you should expect to sit in traffic for a considerable period of time.

We would encourage all students where possible to use public transport. First Bus run a No1 and No2 which drops you off on King Street.

AUSA also will be running a limited pick up service, check the AUSA website for more information. First Bus run a Park and Ride service from the Bridge of Don which drops off on King Street.

We want to make your check in to your new home as simple as possible. In order for us to do this, we have listed everything you need to have completed before you can pick up your keys.

  • You must have accepted an offer of accommodation. This involves e-signing the terms and conditions and the schedule via eAccommodation Portal
  • You must have paid the £100 pre-payment fee. This can be done online via the eAccommodation Portal or by getting in touch with the Accommodation Office
  • You must have completed the 20-part eInduction via eAccommodation - it must be completed, having started it is not acceptable. This requirement is noted in your terms and conditions which must be accepted prior to starting the eInduction.
  • All outstanding debts to the University must be settled prior to arrival in Halls, whether they be accommodation related or not.

Residents are required to advise a Resident Student Assistant of their intention to hold a party with more than 10 guests, giving 48 hours' notice. For fire safety purposes, the maximum number of people in a room at any given time must not exceed 12.

Residents holding parties are particularly advised to take precautions against gatecrashers, as they will be held responsible for any damage caused by them as well as by bona-fide guests. The general noise regulations of the Hall still apply; thus parties must stop by midnight, and particularly noisy parties are liable to be terminated early.

Personal Safety

It is important for residents to be vigilant at all times. If you see anything suspicious, contact Reception or University Security tel (27) 3327. This will help us maintain a safe environment. Except in an emergency situation it is an offence to enter or leave any room via the window.

The University does not permit representatives from external companies or bodies to enter the accommodation blocks with the purpose of soliciting for business. If you are aware of anyone who is leaflet dropping or knocking on doors please inform a member of staff at Reception immediately.

Plugs for Electrical Appliances

UK approved plugs and adaptors must be used in conjunction with all electrical equipment. This applies specifically to international students where plugs will differ in voltage/amps.

These can be purchased from the Bear Essentials on the ground floor of the Students' Union.

Failure to do so increases the risk of fire and is in breach of Health and Safety policies.


Residents are not permitted to keep pets or animals within or near the residences or any of the grounds belonging to the University.

Postal Services

Mail for Elphinstone Road and Kings Hall residents will be delivered directly to the flats.

Mail is delivered directly to your flat at the Hillhead Student Village with the exceptions below:

New Carnegie Court, Wavell House, Fyfe House and Adam Smith:  Mail can be collected from designated mailboxes located inside the entrance of each building.

Adam Smith, Wavell House and Fyfe House: collect parcels from the reception desk at the Central Building.

Amazon locker collections are located close to the reception at the Central Building.

Please note that mail arriving in the summer will be returned to the sender.

If you are leaving student accommodation permanently you can arrange to have your mail redirected by the Post Office

Reception contact details

The telephone numbers for the reception desks are as follows:

  • Hillhead reception, Central Building 24/7 +44 (0)1224 274000  (ext 4000)
  • King's Hall & Elphinstone Flats can be called on +44 (0)1224 274000  (ext 4000)
Post Codes

The post addresses of the accommodation are as follows:

Adam Smith House, Fyfe House, Wavell House, Keith House

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WU

250-315 Hector Boece Court

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WN

North Court, 133-169 North Court

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WP

South House, 170 - 206 South House

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WQ

Carnegie Court, 1-75 Carnegie Court

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WJ

Carnegie Court, 76-105 Carnegie Court

University of Aberdeen
Don Street, Aberdeen AB24 1WL 

Elphinstone Flats

University of Aberdeen
Elphinstone Road,
Aberdeen AB24 3UT

Kings Hall

University of Aberdeen
College Bounds,
Aberdeen AB24 3AD



If you would like a poster to be displayed in student accommodation you should take it to the Reception desk who will authorise it and arrange for its display. All unauthorised posters will be removed and destroyed.

Leaflets and flyers are not permitted to be handed out or left without prior permission. Anyone found handing out or leaving leaflets for nightclubs, promoters, societies etc could face disciplinary action. If you are unsure if you are allowed to leave flyers, please ask at the reception desk for clarification.

Any posts on Facebook regarding nightclubs or promoters will be removed and the user will be removed from the Group or Facebook page.

Pre payment

A pre payment of £100 is required to be paid. This is part of the first instalment of rent but is paid in advance when the accommodation is accepted. (ie the contract is accepted online).

Private / Family Accommodation

The University does not keep a registered list of private accommodation. No private properties have been inspected by University staff therefore the University is unable to give any recommendation, endorsement or guarantee in regard to any private property, property owner or agent.

To assist you in finding suitable private property, self-catering accommodation can be arranged for you during the months of June, July and August (one-week minimum charge). We regret that the University is unable to extend temporary accommodation beyond late August.

The Staff Housing Department offer family accommodation, they can be emailed at  The Student Accommodation Office can help by providing a list of local solicitors and estate agents who may be able to assist in locating appropriate accommodation. Information regarding alternative accommodation can also be obtained from the Students' Association, they can be e-mailed at

Quiet Block

A selected block within Keith House is specified as a quiet block, no loud music is allowed, all televisions, mobiles etc must be kept a quiet volume, no parties are allowed and no large groups of friends can visit you.  Please note that you will be required adhere to specific terms and conditions.


There are glass, textile, books and paper recycling bins located both on the Hillhead and Old Aberdeen sites. Please use these recycling bins, as all other waste goes into landfill.

Special textile collections are made throughout the year for any unwanted clothing you no longer need. Whatever state its in, we collect it as part of our Bags to Future initiative so look out for the blue bag!

Please note that all personal electrical items must be removed from your room prior to final departure. Some items are collected and gifted to local charities so look out for the information on this. If these have not been removed, disposal/charge will apply

Reference for Private Accommodation

Many landlords will require references before you move into a privately rented property. On condition that while living in University accommodation, you have paid your rent on time, have not been guilty of antisocial behaviour and have treated the property with respect, the Student Accommodation Office will be able to provide one. Please enquire at the Student Accommodation Office, giving as much notice as possible.


If your waste-paper bin is full, it should be emptied into the large bin in the pantry. Neither litter nor any other items should be thrown out of windows. Residents caught throwing anything out of a window may face disciplinary proceedings.

 Broken glass or other sharp objects should not be placed in any bin within your accommodation. It should be placed into a recycling bin, or placed in a box or well wrapped in newspaper, and put into an external refuse bin. Other sharp objects should be either placed in a box or well wrapped in newspaper, and put directly into an external refuse bin.


You are strongly advised to lock your door whenever you leave your room, even if you only expect to be gone for a few minutes. Leaving your room door open is giving the opportunist the few minutes needed to steal from you. All windows should be kept closed when the room is unoccupied. The University will accept no liability for loss of, or damage to, the property of residents and you are strongly advised to take out appropriate insurance cover, University staff reserve the right to check the identity of any person on site.

Failure to provide identification when asked to do so will be regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.


The University operates a non-smoking policy, you are therefore not allowed to smoke in University owned or managed accommodation. You MUST go outside to smoke.  Please note that this policy includes electronic cigarettes/vaping

Smoke Detectors

All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors and there is detection equipment in stairwells, corridors and kitchens. These detectors activate the fire alarm, which will in turn cause the Fire Brigade to attend. The detectors may be activated by smoking materials e.g. cigarettes, and burning food. The Fire Brigade will not tolerate being called out to a false alarm, as it may delay their attendance at a real emergency.  Please note that anyone caught covering or tampering with smoke detectors will incur an automatic fine of £50 and any future similar incident will lead to disciplinary action.

To minimise the risk of false alarm you must:

  • Never leave cooking food or cooking equipment which is switched on unattended
  • Ensure that the kitchen door is closed and the fan is on, or the window is open whilst cooking

Please see section on Smoking.

Student Resident Assistants (SRAs)
A team of Student Resident Assistants and their manager, the Community Liaison Officer, are based at the Hillhead Student Village to look after the welfare of residents.
You can go to them with any welfare concern you might have; homesickness, exam worries, relationship or family problems, tensions between flatmates or simply if you need someone to talk to in confidence. They provide friendly, confidential support and can point you in the direction of appropriate professional services.
During Welcome Week, the SRAs will hold welcome meetings with your floor or block, and help you draw up some basic agreements with your fellow residents on issues like noise, parties, cleaning. They will also organise fun events for you throughout the year so that you will have plenty of opportunities to meet other residents and chill out together. If you have ideas on what events you would like to see in halls make sure you let them know.

Events in accommodation and on campus: Visit the event section of the “For Students” website.

On duty 6pm-6am
Tel: +44 (0)1224 274030   •
Community Liaison Officer available during daytime hours Tel: +44 (0)1224 274013


Our team provide a 24/7 service, dealing with a wide variety of issues including lockouts, noise complaints, security, and maintenance. The student resident team, who work during the night and at weekends, are available to help with any welfare issues and also organise social events.

Other useful contacts:

Television Licence

Residents who have televisions in their rooms are required by law to obtain a television licence. It is not possible for the University to obtain one television licence to cover all televisions in the residential buildings.

Useful Numbers

All utilities are included in your rent. No surprise heating or electrical bills.

Your Guide to Living in Accommodation

A guide to living in accommodation can be viewed via the eAccommodation Portal. Make sure you read this as it covers the DO's and DON'Ts of living in University Accommodation.