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The centrally-managed wireless networking service allows registered University of Aberdeen users encrypted and secure access to the internet-based resources from the University and the wider internet – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Get connected!

Click on the link below to launch the SecureW2 auto-configuration wizard, then follow the simple onscreen instructions.

Auto config my device now!

We recommend you run this auto-configuration wizard to ensure that your device is configured optimally for the wireless services. The wizard will automatically detect your OS and send the correct configuration to your device.

Suitable for Windows 8.1 and above; Mac OSX 10.7+ and iOS 4+; Android 6+; and Linux.

Notes for Android users:

  • You may need to go to Settings -> Security on your device and tick the Unknown sources option. Once you have configured your device for wireless, you can untick this option.

Known issues:

  • Auto-configuration of UoA corporate is suitable for Windows OS only.
  • Auto-configuration of Wired eduroam is not suitable for mobile devices.
  • If you have a problem connecting an iPhone/iPad to the wireless network after running the auto-configuration wizard, you may have entered your username and password incorrectly within the auto configuration setup. Try the following:
    • Open (Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management) or (Settings -> General -> Profiles on older iOS versions)
    • Click on and Remove the UoA-eduroam profile you just configured.
    • Run the auto configuration again, making sure you enter your username and password correctly. If you're unsure, click Show Password before proceeding.

Manual configuration

If you prefer, you can manually configure your device instead. You’ll find guidelines for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad and Chromebook in Toolkit. Go to and click the Guides button.

Problems connecting? Problems with wireless reception?

Further info?

For more information about the wireless service, see:

Wireless for staff | Wireless for students | Wireless for visitors

Which network should you use?

Free University service

  • eduroam (via Jisc)
    • provides staff and students with authenticated access here and at participating eduroam sites world-wide.
    • allows visitors from participating institutions to gain access to their own home network when visiting Aberdeen by using credentials provided by their home organisation
    • provides authenticated wireless access to visitors issued with a Guest or External account

Other free University services

While on campus, you will also see other University wireless services:

  • wireless-help - allows you to access the auto-configuration wizard to configure your device for the University wireless services. It also provides help for anyone having trouble connecting to eduroam. If your laptop is connected to the wireless-help network, you will only be able to connect to pages on the Aberdeen University website, ie whose URLs start with, and the web pages of some manufacturers, to allow you to download updated software or drivers.
  • uoa-corporate - provides staff with University owned laptops the same level of service as a wired connection. It is not available for general access.
  • UoA-Gaming - service that allows registered University of Aberdeen students and staff in University halls to connect devices such as games consoles, Amazon Fire TVs and smart TVs to a wireless service other than eduroam.

Other non-University wireless services

While on campus, you will also see other non-University wireless services:
  • govroam (via Jisc)
    • national wi-fi roaming service for members of the UK public sector, providing secure internet access across University buildings
    • the University of Aberdeen offers govroam as a ‘visited-only’ service, in support of its interactions with other public sector entities – see map of govroam locations
    • visitors with a govroam account can connect using their home organisation credentials
    • for help and advice, visitors should contact their home organisation
  • Aberdeen-city-connect - FREE public wi-fi service provided by Pinacl Solutions and intended for casual visitors to the University of Aberdeen, for example those attending open days, festivals, concerts, or other events on campus. It is ideal for downloading Google Maps, sharing photos on social media, or just browsing the internet for local information.
    • Please note: We’re sorry, but University IT Services can’t provide help with connecting to this service. University staff should use the supported services eduroam or uoa-corporate to ensure access to services such as e-journals and printing.