Pre-sessional English Language Students

Pre-sessional English Language Students

Live near the University campus while you take the pre-sessional English language course at Aberdeen.

University accommodation offers a comfortable place to live and relax, situated close to University facilities.

Students wishing to stay in University accommodation for the duration of their pre sessional course only will need to complete the online application Summer Accommodation | Accommodation | The University of Aberdeen ( 

Students coming to do the 20 and 30 week courses will be required to complete the online application form Applying for Accommodation | Accommodation | The University of Aberdeen (

We can offer 30 Postgraduate pre-sessional English language students to stay for free in University accommodation (standard room only) for the duration of their language course (this is only applicable for students attending the 5 week and 10 week language course in June and July only and on the understanding that they are staying in the same room for their masters programme) providing they adhere to the terms and conditions below;

The student must sign up to a contract for accommodation which includes their pre-sessional English language course and for the duration of their academic year 2023-24 at the University of Aberdeen prior to them commencing their pre-sessional course.

  • If the student does not meet the entry requirements after the pre-sessional course (5 weeks and 10 weeks) and is refused access to study at Aberdeen they will be released from the accommodation contract
  • If the student withdraws from University during the academic year they will be released from the accommodation contract
  • Students may be able to change accommodation during the year but any request must be within the University portfolio

Apply now by filling out the application form, and submitting to the Accommodation Office.