Basic and policy driven research on the impact of nutrition on cells, tissues and whole body health.

The Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health at the University of Aberdeen plays a major role in the UK research capability in nutrition and human health and through the years has also made a significant impact on animal health and nutrition.

Among the many strengths of the Rowett Institute are its well-developed bioinformatics research and the core facilities for metabolite, DNA and protein analysis.

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Our Research

Nutrition is central to many global challenges. These include – obesity, food security, malnutrition, and ageing. Each of these are major policy issues for Government both nationally and internationally and the Rowett Institute breaks down its research into 3 major groups:

Life-long Health

Over the life course our nutritional needs change, and how we respond to different nutrients is also stage dependent. As result we have discovered that our lifelong health is not only influenced by our early life nutrition, but in some cases by trans-generational effects of nutrition.

The nutritional value of our food starts with the primary produce from agriculture. The journey from farm to fork has considerable influence on the nutritional composition and healthiness of our foods. As we address the food security challenge and reformulate foods to tackle the obesity problem, this relationship needs to be re-examined.

Gut Health

The bacteria which inhabit our guts are not passive passengers, but important players in the metabolism and release of functional food components which affect our nutritional status and health, as well as key regulators of our immune status. Since our diet influences bacterial composition, we require a better understanding of how food influences the host-microbe interaction.

Obesity and Metabolic Health

Obesity has a strong genetic determinant, and as a result we are differentially equipped to deal with the modern food environment. Dealing with this problem requires that we overcome the genetic weakness inherent in susceptible people. This requires that we understand and exploit the satiating properties of certain food components better and learn how to influence hardwired behaviours.

From these challenges and insights the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health has developed a strategy, which engages some of the contemporary problems in nutrition and which should contribute not only to new scientific knowledge, but also new understanding to underpin Government policies and innovation for industry leading to increased economic growth.

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PhD Perspective

Fiona Mclean's PhD is funded by EastBio BBSRC and is investigating how unhealthy diets can impact on our cognition.

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Research Impact

Marks & Spencer (M&S) plc developed the Fuller Longer food range with expert input from University of Aberdeen scientists, led by Dr Alex Johnstone.

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