Children on campus

The University understands that staff and students may occasionally have to bring children on to campus for short periods, whether to attend an open access event or because of unexpected personal circumstances.

As our guidance makes clear, in the interests of safety, children who are brought onto campus must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult at all times, particularly if visiting buildings where there are hazards present. It is not appropriate to ask a colleague to undertake this role while they are working.

While we recognise that childcare is expensive and childcare arrangements can fall through at short notice, the University is unable to permit members of staff or students who are parents or guardians to look after their children at the same time as they are working or studying on campus. More information on childcare vouchers is available on Staffnet

We want to help staff or students who find themselves facing difficulty in accessing or arranging childcare, and there is a range of support available.

Students should contact our Student Support team on if they believe absences will impact their studies. The Student Support Team  can also advise students on possible funding that is available for some students to access support with childcare costs.

Remember that the  Rocking Horse Nursery, located on our Kings Campus, also has some places available at present.

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