Strategy and Commitment

Strategy and Commitment

The workplace is a setting where many people spend the largest proportion of their time and can play a key role in contributing to the health and wellbeing of colleagues around the University. Not only does a supportive work environment have a positive impact on health, but healthier workforces are more productive too.

Staff and Student Wellbeing Strategy 2021 - 2025

The Wellbeing strategy sets out our approach over the next 4 years to supporting our community to maintain positive wellbeing; manage problems and support the prevention of mental and physical ill health, reinforcing the Aberdeen 2040 commitment to care for the wellbeing of our diverse community. It is underpinned by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and the Management of Work Related Stress Policy 

Student Mental Health Agreement

Read the Student Mental Health Agreement to find out about the Aberdeen University Students Association (AUSA) and The University of Aberdeen’s (UoA) commitment to improving the mental wellbeing of all students.

Mind's Mental Health at Work Commitment

Mind’s Mental Health at Work Commitment

We are proud to have signed Mind’s Mental Health at Work Commitment, publicly pledging our commitment to you and your mental health. Our Mental Health at Work Commitment is supported by our Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan.  

Over the coming months we will:  

  • Enhancing our network of Mental Health First Aiders and Champions, enabling them to challenge stigma, raise awareness about mental health, and provide supportive listening and signposting to our community.   
  • Reduce the stigma attached to mental ill-health, ensuring that both physical and mental ill-health are prioritised with appropriate support, acknowledging that tailored approaches will be required to meet individual needs.  
  • Create guidance and training opportunities for line managers in wellbeing issues which may affect their staff. For example, being able to identify when an employee may need additional support; managing sensitive conversations and knowing how to offer support. 

For further details and to feedback, please contact 

Environment and Sustainability

Our health and well-being can be greatly influenced by the environment in which we live. From the quality of the air we breathe to the green spaces we preserve for recreational activities, our environment is instrumental in supporting our wellbeing.

In a range of simple ways, by taking care of the environment we can enhance our own sense of well-being. For example, activities like walking or cycling to work not only help to preserve our environment by cutting back on vehicle emissions but also help to keep you fit and healthy.

As a University we are committed to limiting our operational impact on the environment and support initiatives that encourage the University community to be more sustainable. From energy efficiency and waste reduction, to encouraging more active travel, you can find out more about these commitments by visiting: Environment and Sustainability 


Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group meet quarterly and is overseen by the Head of Health, Safety and Resilience and the Head of Experience, Engagement and Wellbeing.

The aim of this working group is to implement the University of Aberdeen's Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and Strategy.

These aim to acheive the objectives to:

  1. Embed a culture of openness regarding mental health and wellbeing issues;
  2. Engage with the University community to establish how the University can improve the mental health and wellbeing support available;
  3. Increase awareness-raising and communication strategies to promote the wide range of health and wellbeing services available to staff and students within the University;
  4. Empower staff and students to recognise and support colleagues and peers who may require help to achieve mental health and wellbeing goals.

If a staff member or a student would like to request a copy of the Wellbeing Strategy Action Plan, or wish to feed in issues or to provide feedback on the work undertaken by the group please email


BeWell has been designed to support staff and students throughout the year! The Employee Wellbeing section of StaffNet details all opportunities for staff to improve and maintain good wellbeing, where as the BeWell section of the Student website details how the University supports students during key times of the year.