Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

The University has a network of Student Ambassadors who are available to support teams, projects and events. 

Their primary role is to promote the university at a range of events throughout the year, provide an authentic student voice and provide administrative support for short- and long-term projects. Ambassadors are also used to create vlogs, blogs and podcasts for our student channels.

Find out how to request support from Student Ambassadors below. 

What can I use Student Ambassadors for?

Student Ambassadors can support with a range of different activities including events, campus tours, project support and more. 

Ambassadors are employed on grade 1 contracts, please be mindful of this when requesting support for a project.

How do I request support from Student Ambassadors?

Fill in the request form below with details of your project.

When you've submitted this form, the Experience, Engagement & Wellbeing Team will review the proposed work to ensure it's appropriate for Student Ambassadors and post an advert to the network. The team will get back in touch when an Ambassador has accepted your shift.

If the proposed work is not appropriate for Student Ambassadors, you'll also receive an email explaining why. 

Please note that budget codes and cost centre MUST be supplied at this stage to avoid any delay in promotion of opportunities and payment of ambassadors.

How much does it cost to use Student Ambassadors?

Departments will be charged an hourly rate of £14.87 for support from Student Ambassadors. This covers the hourly rate paid to ambassadors and on-costs. When requesting support you will be asked to provide a budget code for their work.

The Ambassador will submit a time sheet when they have worked their shift, and the requesting department will be asked to confirm these are correct before they are submitted to payroll. 

Can I cancel an ambassador if I no longer need them?

If you have booked a Student Ambassador(s), and no longer need them you can cancel the shift within 5 working days of the shift date. If an ambassador is given less than 5 days notice that they are no longer needed for a shift they have committed to, the requesting department will be required to pay for these hours, and these will be charged to the budget code provided when the ambassador was requested.

I have a question, who do I ask?

If you have a question or need more information on the Student Ambassador network, please email