Space Management

Space Management

Introduction from the Senior-Vice Principal

At the University of Aberdeen, we recognise the important role space plays in our life and work. Our campuses are a focal point for the learning, research and recreational activities of our staff and students and our buildings are on an important and recognisable integral part of the City's landscape. Furthermore, our commitment to respecting the environment and local community within which we are based ensures our continuing focus on the sustainability of our use of space. 

To enable the achievement of our strategic ambitions outlined in Aberdeen 2040, it is essential that we ensure our current and future activities are appropriately supported and accommodated and that the use of our space is optimised. How we use our estate and the space available to us in the years to come will be critical in ensuring the delivery of our objectives and our plans for strategic growth. Changes in our student population and patterns of learning delivery and research will impact upon the utilisation of our estate - particularly in relation to the shifting balance between traditional teaching spaces and new learning environments.

Therefore, these Guiding Principles of Space Management have been developed to underpin the safe, sustainable and efficient occupancy and use of our internal and external spaces. They are intended to provide users with clear guidance on how our space will be allocated, our expectations in relation to how it is used and monitored, and how changes to occupancy and enhancements to our environment will be taken forward. Karl Leydecker, Senior Vice-Principal 

Further Information

Further information about our approach to Space Management, including information on floor plans, occupancy, and the work of our Space Management Group are available on the following pages: