Using Infographics to Promote Academic Integrity

Using Infographics to Promote Academic Integrity

Dr Joy Perkins and Dr Mary Pryor, Centre for Academic Development and Dr Gabi Lipan, School of Psychology outline how their academic integrity infographic can help students to avoid dishonesty in their assessments.



The COVID-19 pandemic has driven substantial changes in how universities deliver teaching, how students access their learning, and how we support our University of Aberdeen learning community. To help students feel better-prepared for a positive experience in the online learning environment, a series of study skills infographics have been designed with funding from the Development Trust. These engaging visual-based, and fully-accessible, resources convey study skills information in a concise and memorable format and include a student-facing academic integrity infographic. By highlighting the importance of academic integrity, the infographic is designed to encourage students to fully understand more about this important area and how to avoid integrity breaches in their assessments.


Most undergraduate and postgraduate students take pride in their work and would never consider acting in a dishonest manner. However, a small number of students do breach academic integrity through not understanding what is meant by plagiarism or collusion, sometimes it is because they have been under considerable strain and felt they had no other choice. The ‘academic integrity infographic’ has been designed to explain the common types of academic misconduct - plagiarism, collusion, and contract cheating. The infographic also highlights how students can avoid academic dishonesty in their assessments and how to develop effective study approaches. It complements the new, ‘Academic Integrity: A Guide for Students’, staff from across all our university campuses are welcome to embed both resources in their academic courses and MyAberdeen course sites.



Initial feedback for the suite of study skills infographics from both academic staff and students has been positive. In particular, staff have indicated the ‘academic integrity infographic’ has enhanced the guidance available to students, while also further developing students’ understanding of effective study practices. A more detailed evaluation of the impact, value and use of the ‘academic integrity infographic’ by both staff and students will be conducted at the end of the academic year 2021-22.


The full suite of study skills infographics can be accessed by undergraduate and taught postgraduate students via the Achieve (undergraduate) and Achieve+ (taught postgraduate) skills development sites in MyAberdeen.  The Academic Integrity inforgraphic is also available here.