Managed calls

Managed calls

Some research calls are managed at an institutional level. This may be because the funder has restricted the number of applications an institution can submit or the University requires a managed process to triage bids such as calls requiring significant institutional commitment.

Information on current and upcoming demand-managed calls is below. This includes the internal process for applying to each call and upcoming deadlines. 

UKRI demand managed calls

NERC pipeline – supporting applications to Pushing the Frontiers

All applications to the NERC Pushing the Frontiers call must follow the "NERC Intention to Submit" process.

As part of its Demand Management NERC introduced new measures designed to raise success rates for the discovery science responsive mode grants. The University of Aberdeen has previously had an institutional cap on the number of applications that can be submitted to the responsive mode calls. However we have no cap at present and in order to maintain this we encourage applicants to join the pipeline of applications for this call at an early stage. This allows researchers to receive tailored support and guidance from experienced NERC award holders and panel members as their bid develops.

Please complete this form and send it to to be part of the pipeline.

MRC Centres of Research Excellence

Round 2 will open 25 September 2023 with an outline deadline of 7 February 2024. A UKRI webinar will be delivered in November 23, details to be confirmed by UKRI in due course.

Applications to Round 2 must focus on one of three themes: Enhancing lifespan, Immune regulation or Molecular Mechanisms to inform cancer intervention. Whilst there is no institutional limit on bids there is a requirement for significant institutional commitment and early discussions with the funder are essential.

Interested applicants should contact Dr Anne McGavigan at the earliest opportunity.

UKRI Cohort PhD applications e.g. CDTs, DTPs

The Post Graduate Research School (PGRS) oversees applications to multiple PhD calls through an institution-wide internal triage. The R&I Impact & Knowledge Exchange and Research Development team work closely with researchers and the PGRS to support the development of proposals selected to go forward.

Further details of specific calls will appear here as they are announced and details will also be communicated via mailing lists and School Directors of Research.

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships

The University is usually restricted to submitting four applications per round. R&I support Schools to manage internal and external interest through an institution-wide triage which involves submission of a proforma and presentation to an internal panel.

The internal deadline for the last call (Round 8) was 7 April 2023 for the UKRI deadline of 4 July 23. Further calls have not been announced but are anticipated later in 2023/2024.

Queries can be made at any time to the relevant R&I Research Development Executive.

UKRI Strategic equipment calls

These calls are for the acquisition or replacement of mid to high -end equipment. An internal triage deadline for all UKRI Strategic Equipment calls is initiated each spring, although colleagues can contact their R&I Research Development Executive at any time to be considered for in-year applications. The internal triage is managed by the University Facilities Group, supported by R&I.

Applications must demonstrate strong evidence of multiple end-user need, sustainability and alignment to strategic priorities. The following calls are anticipated in 2023/4.

BBSRC mid-range equipment - deadline expected late 2023;
MRC mid-range equipment - deadline expected December 2023, only one application permitted per call; 
EPSRC strategic equipment - open;
NERC new equipment - deadline 5 December 2023

Other demand managed calls

AXA Research Fund

The AXA Chair and Fellowship schemes support projects in the broad risk areas of health, climate & environment, and socioeconomics. The University is restricted to submit one candidate per round. (i) AXA Chairs: (EoI deadline October) are to attract an individual to the University and a permanent position must be created at the end of the funding. (ii) AXA Fellowships: (EoI deadline May) applications must be in specific thematic areas announced at each call. 

For both schemes researchers should seek initial support from their School; where supportive, Heads of School and Directors of Research should approach their R&I Research Development Executive, stating the strategic benefit of the individual they wish to attract. R&I will confirm eligibility and if the Vice-Principal for Research is convinced of the strategic need, and the University has not met its application limit, the School will be informed of next steps for proceeding with the application.

Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

Institutions can nominate up to three outstanding young researchers, in each of the three disciplinary categories: Chemistry, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Life Sciences per call. Nominations must be submitted by the institution’s official nominator (Dr Liz Rattray, Director Research & Innovation). Applications can be submitted April – June each year. Interested applicants or nominators should contact their R&I Research Development Executive in the first instance.

Leverhulme Research Centres

Institutions are restricted to submitting one application to the Leverhulme Research Centre  each round. Calls usually recur every three years, the last outline deadline was April 2021 with the next call anticipated around early 2024. R&I support Schools to manage interest through an institution-wide internal triage. Queries on the call can be made at any time to June Middleton

Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Award

 The University is restricted to submitting one application each round. Calls usually open in January with a deadline in April; each call has an identified theme. R&I support Schools to manage interest through an institution-wide internal triage (deadline usually mid-February). Queries on the call can be made at any time to Dr Juliette Snow