Biobusiness Options

Biobusiness Options

Graduates with an understanding of the discovery, development, exploitation and commercialisation of scientific ideas are the next generation of people who will solve the great challenges of our generation: from food security and clean energy to cures for dementia and cancer. The entrepreneur is responsible for making the wildest dreams into a reality – from starting dynamic new companies that change the way industries operate, to fitting in with the flexible “can-do” culture associated with these fast-moving start-up companies that aim to change the world.

Graduates with subject expertise, combined with an ability to see and understand the “bigger picture”, are in great demand, so undertaking Biobusiness courses during your degree can help expand your career prospects. The Biobusiness options extend over 3 years with one course in each of first/second, third and fourth year.

Our Courses

  • Introduction to Biobusiness and Bioentrepreneurship (BT2501 - Level 1 or Level 2)
  • Working Out? Placement & Career Skills (BT3006 - Level 3)
  • Biobusiness (BT3502 - Level 3)
  • Advanced Biobusiness (BT4506 - Level 4)

You can start Biobusiness in first or second year with an Introduction to Biobusiness and Bioentrepreneurship. This is followed by Biobusiness (Level 3), though this can also be taken as a stand-alone course, and finally Advanced Bio-business (Level 4). Biobusiness options can be combined with all Medical Sciences degrees at the University of Aberdeen.

Graduates in Biobusiness can maximise their career opportunities by pursuing a PhD, MBA or going directly into careers in Industry.

The Complete Package

Why not optimise your career opportunities and secure one of our sought after 5-year MSci Medical Sciences degrees and combine a year working in the biotechnology or biopharmaceutical industry with Biobusiness.