How we teach

How we teach

We aim to make our teaching engaging, exciting and responsive to the latest medical science research. Our research directly informs and guides our teaching, particularly in the final year of our undergraduate programmes. Many of the staff who teach on our programmes have been recognised through University of Aberdeen student-led Teaching Awards and hold professional qualifications/accreditations awarded by professional organisations such as Advance HE.

Teaching is delivered through a variety of approaches, such as interactive lectures, small group workshops and tutorials, and practical laboratory classes in our world-class Science Teaching Hub.

The specific aims of our degree programmes and teaching activities are:


  • To provide you with an appreciation of the medical sciences and to involve you in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying learning experience.
  • To provide you with a broad and balanced foundation of knowledge.
  • To develop your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in solving theoretical and practical problems.
  • To develop your transferable skills so that they will be of value to you in your chosen career path.
  • To provide you with a knowledge and skills base in specialised areas of the medical and related sciences.
  • To help you appreciate the importance of your chosen course of study in an industrial, economic, environmental and social context.


Developing into an independent learner

Our teaching is carefully designed to support your development as a scientist and independent learner across your entire degree programme.

As you develop academically you will progress from the early stages of your degree, where text books support your study, through to the Honours stages (Levels 3 and 4) where you become an increasingly independent learner. At these later stages, you will be directing your own studies, conducting novel research projects, and using the scientific literature as your primary learning resource.

Enhanced learning opportunities

To increase the employment opportunities of our students, we have introduced wider access to industrial placements and created courses in bio-business. We think that you will find our courses exciting, stimulating, challenging and flexible.