Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

 Applicants will be asked to send in a CV, including their course marks to date, and will be selected on academic merit. Enquiries should be directed to the Scholarship Admin Team.

The SurgAnat Surgical Scholarship

SurgAnat Surgical Scholarship; Information on how to apply will be available soon.

The SurgAnat Surgical Scholarship


8-10 week Summer Scholarship


Are you studying an undergraduate Medical degree?  Would you like to gain paid research experience during the summer?


With the view of providing world-leading research experience to our medical students, we are very pleased to announce that the SurgAnat Surgical Scholarship is available to be held over summer 2023.  This scholarship is funded through the University of Aberdeen Development Trust.


The scheme will support 1 undergraduate medical student to undertake research experience during their summer vacation by participating in one of the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition’s research programmes as detailed below.  The student will undertake their placement under the mentorship of a member of staff in the relevant field. 

The project will allow the student to be involved in laboratory, database or clinical research, thus providing a great opportunity to gain specific research skills as well as exposure to working with world leading research teams.


Eligibility and How to Apply:


Medical students at the University of Aberdeen who have a free 8-10 weeks period over the summer and who display exceptional academic prowess and ambition, are encouraged to apply for this opportunity to undertake a medical science related research project.


As the scholarship is intended to support students to expand their understanding of the anatomy of the human body, the research project undertaken must be in one of the following areas:

  • Anatomy, including practical anatomy, dissection and histology
  • Pathology, including autopsy work and surgical histopathology


The scholarship is valued at £3,000 in total and will contribute to the student’s maintenance costs during the summer programme.  This will be divided into 8-10 weekly stipend payments.


The application process is simple and involves completing the application form and submitting a CV plus a maximum 200 word personal statement outlining why you think you would be ideal for this opportunity and the value of such a scheme to your future academic career.


Shortlisting and interviews will be conducted within a short time frame.

Flora Gow Murray Neuroscience Scholarship

Flora Gow Murray Neuroscience Scholarship; Click here to apply.

This Scholarship Programme allows one student to embark on a 10 week paid neuroscience related research project following the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of the MBChB.

Innes Will Scholarships

Innes Will Scholarships; Click here to apply.

The Innes Will Scholarship Programme, generously funded through a family bequest, aims to recognise the best medical research students and to inspire future generations of medical researchers.

The Programme enables students to undertake an 8-10 week paid medical science related research project following the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of the MBChB degree.