Medical Education Scholarship Programme

Medical Education Scholarship Programme

We offer the opportunity to apply for Medical Education Teaching Development Bursaries, designed to give undergraduate medical students experience of educational research.

The projects on offer will provide a focused period of educational research, which may include a literature review, study planning and in some cases data collection. Students will be expected to produce a Project Report at the end of the period and may be invited to present their findings at a local educational meeting or to submit an abstract to the National ASME Annual Conference.

Several bursaries are available during the Summer break and undergraduates with an interest in medical education are strongly encouraged to apply. Project outlines are put forward by the Curriculum Steering Group, which is the executive group responsible for the management and operation of the MBChB programme and for planning and implementing curricular developments.  Projects may be based in Aberdeen or in Inverness at the Highland Medical Education Centre.

The bursaries provide financial support for students for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks. Students are normally expected to be engaged on a full-time basis on the project.


Applications will be considered from Univerity of Aberdeen students who have completed first, second or fourth year of study on the MBChB programme.  Students who are intercalating may also be considered.  You must be in good academic standing at the end of the academic year with no resits pending.

Students should submit a C.V. and a personal statement (no more than one side of A4) to highlight the following: what you hope to gain from this period of medical education research; the project that you would like to undertake; any relevant experience you have; why you should be selected to undertake one of these new awards. Following interview, projects will be allocated to successful applicants based on their preferences.

Dr Christine Kay is happy to answer any general queries about the scheme.