MLitt Scottish Heritage

MLitt Scottish Heritage

Read how our MLitt students and alumni experienced studying with us.

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Donna Betts 

An advantage of the digital age is the ability to access educational opportunities almost anywhere in the world. In researching the options for an online degree programme in Scottish heritage, the University of Aberdeen impressed me the most. 

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics on Scottish history, and the programme is very flexible in its structure. The attractive and user-friendly programme website enabled me to access all the information I needed to enrol in Aberdeen’s programme. I’m based in Canada and found the online learning experience more engaging and stimulating than I had expected. 

The instructors, renowned experts in their specialised areas, are skilled educators adept at using the online learning platform. I’m impressed with their creative approaches to making the online material accessible and engaging. Overall, the programme is outstanding, and I highly recommend it!

Alanna MacTavish Khalil

I was looking for something deeper than my own self-study of Scottish heritage and a few short online courses. And the famous words, “if not now, when” pushed me to sign up and give it a try. Best decision I ever made.

What is most distinctive about the Scottish Heritage programme for me is not only its high degree of expertise, but how the programme’s topics are interconnected across all the courses. As someone who only has limited time to dedicate, this has helped me to connect the dots so I can see both the big picture and delve into the detail.

The programme provided an outlet for a real passion of mine – Scottish history and heritage. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world out there, a network of people I never knew existed, who also share the passion. It gives me energy. It’s motivating.

I would recommend the Scottish Heritage programme at the University of Aberdeen programme 100%. If you’re interested in Scottish Heritage, consider it. It doesn’t matter if you know a little or a lot, or why you’re doing it – for personal reasons or professional – there’s a place for you. I’m a case in point. I work for the United Nations and have lived all over the world.  But my heart is in Scotland, and this programme has allowed me to tap into my interest in a tangible way.

Joyce MacKenzie

During my three years in the MLitt Scottish Heritage program at the University of Aberdeen, I gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge about Scotland, its history, and its people. As a native-born Scot living in Canada since 1964, it took me back to my roots. The courses offered during the three years were comprehensive and stimulating, however, my favourite was the Scottish Diaspora, taught by prof Marjory Harper. During this course, we learned about the Sutherlandshire emigrants who settled in Zorra, Oxford County, Ontario, twenty minutes from my home in Woodstock. These immigrants and their success stories became the focus of my studies. 

The University of Aberdeen’s Scottish Heritage programme changed my understanding about the country of my birth. Gloria Muir, and Cathy Bedard, volunteers at the Research and Genealogy office in Woodstock, shared a veritable gold mine of information on Oxford County dating back to the original land settlements of the Huron tract. 

I must admit this learning curve was not easy at my age. It was, however, one of the best experiences of my adult life, it also made me homesick for the first time since I emigrated. It also allowed me the privilege of learning and appreciating Scotland’s magnificent culture and heritage, an important lesson in today's disconnected, often hostile world. As I reflected on my three Years at Aberdeen University, I wish I could start all over again.

Claire Sinclair

The beauty of the Scottish Heritage course, apart from its fascinating content and the university’s extensive online resources, is that it can be completed from anywhere in the world. I moved from one country to another in the middle of my studies but was able to continue and complete my degree. This was due in no small way to the support and encouragement of the exemplary teaching staff who are experts in their fields.

I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in Scottish history and culture and wishes to extend their knowledge for either professional or personal reasons.

Michael Davidson

I needed an opportunity to develop an appropriate academic skill set in order to pursue my interest in researching and writing of the history of medicine. I had been unsuccessful in finding a course near my home that would accept somebody without an undergraduate humanities qualification onto a postgraduate history course. I encountered no such limitations or preconceptions of in Aberdeen. The fact that the course was on Scottish Heritage complemented my interest in tracing and contextualising my family history research. The ability to study online was the USP that clinched the choice.

The course more than met my needs and expectations. The online element worked well and was I pleasantly surprised how it was possible to build up a relationship with fellow students and teaching staff. The effort and thought that had gone into the online teaching material was self-evident from day one. Marjory Harper and her team always responded to enquiries and were constructive and supportive in their feedback. Any minor glitches in a new system were rapidly resolved by the IT support team.

Despite being able to complete the course entirely online, I managed a few trips to Aberdeen to take advantage of departmental events such as the Burn (well worth the journey alone) and to utilise the special the excellent special collection archives at the Sir Duncan Rice library. I found the academic staff and postgraduate students supportive and welcoming to someone new to the discipline. Their constructive criticism helped me focus my dissertation and suggest avenues of research.

I would recommend the course to anyone whose commitments to prevent face-to-face attendance on a regular basis. The online Scottish history heritage course offer a choice of modules and dissertation alternatives that means you should find a path that suits you.

Susan Bremner

When I saw the MLitt course in Scottish Heritage advertised, I knew immediately it was exactly what I needed. As a descendant of Scottish emigrants, I had a strong desire to know as much about Scotland, its history, its issues, and its culture as I could, as part of a search to clarify my own identity. I learned more than I had ever expected and became so deeply immersed in my research that I moved to Scotland to live. The course was all-encompassing in its coverage of Scottish history.

It was well organised, engaging, and taught me many new skills through the online discussions with other interesting students and lecturers, the assignments, and the experience of researching in archives. The quality of the teaching and materials was superb, and the level of support from our Professor was exceptional. Through the years of doing this course online, our cohort of fellow students from all over the world formed valuable bonds of friendship.

I didn't want the learning to stop, and am now continuing with a PhD in an aspect of Scottish History.

I am extremely grateful for how this course has changed the direction of my life and enabled me to fulfil some long-term goals.