MLitt Philosophy & Society

MLitt Philosophy & Society

Read how our MLitt students and alumni experienced studying with us.

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Ajna Rao

My time as a postgraduate student in the MLitt Philosophy and Society course was absolutely brilliant – one could tell that the faculty cared greatly about each student and their needs, both academic and personal. There was rarely ever a time that I felt like I could not rely on my supervisor and my professors.

The course itself was tailored specifically to the student’s research interests, and there was an effort to take my research interests to new heights with the interdisciplinarity that this programme offers. I would say, in my case, that the effort was definitely successful. My continued collaboration with the Aberdeen Archives, Galleries and Museums would not be possible without the continued guidance, support, and suggestions on my coursework by my professors.

The draw of the MLitt programme is most certainly that you get taught by established (in the field) individuals who can intuit the contemporary needs of the field and the research scene within the discipline. Impact in research is a burgeoning and significant factor, and it is important now more than ever to instil good practices within students to incline their thinking toward the practical purposes of their philosophical research.

This programme is best suited for people who would like to keep their options open, so whether you want to pursue a doctoral research degree, or you want to situate yourself in the job market, this programme is definitely worth your while. It is an honour to have been one of the programme’s very first students!

Lidong Mou

This is an incredibly wonderful journey for me. This programme made me realize that philosophy could be connected with so many real-life issues and this connection is so important and cannot be ignored. It’s very interesting to reflect on social issues from a philosophical point of view. We had many wonderful discussions about education, the Internet, big data, museum objects, healthcare, etc.

I also learned a lot about how to engage the public and make an impact with my project, including how to get stakeholders involved in the project, and how to explain philosophical issues to people who don’t know much about philosophy.

This programme allows me to choose a field that I’m most interested in and dive into it. I really enjoy exploring critical thinking under the guidance of Luca. We made reading lists together and exchanged views every week. This experience greatly improved my research competence, and all the writings I did got very detailed suggestions.

I've gained a lot from this programme. I've become aware that philosophy could achieve much more than I’ve ever thought. This makes me find more possibilities in my future career, and the presentation, writing and researching skills I acquired in this programme will certainly equip me for opportunities and challenges in the future.