MLitt Viking & Medieval Nordic Studies

MLitt Viking & Medieval Nordic Studies

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Seluvaia ‘Ita

I am an interdisciplinary researcher using literature, anthropology, archaeology, and history to map Viking Age lifestyles in halls. With fascism on the rise, this research gives a much clearer, and dare I say, fairer depiction of life in the Viking Age. Misuse of the Viking Age has popularised violent groups, and my research shows that a lot of these groups have fictionalised the lives of the people in the far north’s lives.

Moving to another country was challenging, but I wanted to experience living away from home for a period of time. I have never enjoyed city life, but Aberdeen has a great mix, with accessibility to the countryside only being 20-30 minutes by bus or train.

The programme was great, and the instructors were personable and incredibly helpful. I received training in research methods, archives, manuscript studies, object care and analysis, and Old Norse language. It is only with this well-round background that I can do interdisciplinary work at all.