Permanent Staff

Name Position Room Ext Email address
Dr Richard Anderson  Lecturer CA108 2460
Dr Jackson Armstrong                                 Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of School CA206     2456
Dr Colin Barr Senior Lecturer CA203 2219
Dr Brad Bow Lecturer HMA3/CAG11 4243/4342
Professor Michael Brown Chair in Irish, Scottish & Enlightenment History CA110 2472
Dr Hannah Burrows Senior Lecturer CA102 2739
Dr Alessandra Cecolin Lecturer CA205 2348
Dr Andrew Dilley Senior Lecturer CA105 3884
Dr Marie-Luise Ehrenschwendtner Lecturer in Church History CA210 3110
Dr George Francis-Kelly      Lecturer CA212 2678
Professor Karin Friedrich Chair in Early Modern History CA207 2451
Professor Robert Frost Burnett-Fletcher Chair in History CA112 2453
Professor Marjory Harper Professor of History CA211 4473
Dr William Hepburn Historical Research Fellow CA216 3608
Professor Tony Heywood Professor CA104 2640
Dr Rose Luminiello Research Fellow CA212
Dr Alastair Macdonald Senior Lecturer CA103 3927
Dr Elizabeth Macknight Senior Lecturer CA214 2297
Dr Ben Marsden Senior Lecturer in the History of Science, Head of Discipline for History CA204 2637
Dr Heidi Mehrkens Lecturer CA111 2466
Professor William Naphy Professor CA109 3928
Professor Ralph O'Connor Professor in the Literature & Culture of Britain, Ireland and Iceland CA215 2467
Dr Frederik Pedersen Senior Lecturer CAG04 2464
Dr Wilhelmus Peters Language Technician Research Fellow
Dr Owen Walsh Lecturer CA212 2678
Professor Thomas Weber Professor of History and International Affairs CAG03 3539

Administrative Staff

Name Position Room Ext Email address
Mrs Barbara McGillivray School Administration Assistant CB404 2199