Research Theses

Research Theses

Virginia Iorio, PhD (2022) Drivers of marine top predator occurrence, movement and foraging behaviour.

Aude Benhemma-Le Gall, PhD (2021) Marine top predator responses to offshore windfarm developments.

Oihane Fernandez-Betelu, PhD (2020) Influence of natural and anthropogenic processes on the spatio-temporal occurrence of bottlenose dolphins.

Laura Williamson, PhD (2018) Spatio-temporal variation in Habour porpoise distribution and activity.

Barbara Cheney, PhD (2017) Temporal variation in the demographics and dynamics of a bottlenose dolphin population.

Ewan Edwards, PhD (2015) Do commercial fisheries influence the distribution and dynamics of northern fulmars.

Enrico Pirotta, PhD (2015) Assessing the population consequences of disturbances caused by human development on marine mammal populations: a case-study on bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth Special Area of Conservation (Scotland).

Lucy Quinn, PhD (2014) Intra- and inter-colony differences in non-breeding strategies in the northern fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis.

Holly Fearnbach, PhD (2012) Individual-based population assessment for cetaceans: using photographs to infer abundance, demography and individual quality.

Line Cordes, PhD (2011) Demography and breeding phenology of a marine top predator.

Andy Foote, PhD (2010) The evolutionary ecology of North Atlantic killer whales.

Kate Brookes, PhD (2009) Assessment of methods used to investigate the impact of offshore wind farms on seabirds.

Ellie Owen, PhD (2009) The use of fatty acid signature analysis to investigate diets of North Sea seabirds

Bridget Senior, MSc (2007) Underwater noise and its potential impacts on marine mammals in the Moray Firth, Scotland.

Diane E. Claridge, MSc (2006) Fine-scale distribution and habitat selection of beaked whales.

Jason Baker, PhD (2006) The Hawaiian monk seal: abundance estimation, patterns in survival, and habitat issues.

Helen Bailey, PhD (2006) Distribution and habitat use of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) at varying temporal and spatial scales.

Beth Mackey, PhD (2004) Population dynamics and life history of harbour seals: the determination of phocid vital rates using dental annuli and mark recapture.

Stuart Middlemas, PhD (2003) Interactions between harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and salmonids (Salmo spp.) in estuarine environments.

John Durban, PhD (2002) Bayesian methods for marine mammal population assessment.

Kim Parsons, PhD (2002) Behavioural and molecular estimates of bottlenose dolphin social structure and reproductive success in contrasting environments.

Gordon Hastie, PhD (2000) Fine-scale aspects of habitat use and behaviour by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).

Fernando Trujillo, PhD (2000) Social structure of the freshwater dolphin Inia geoffrensis in the Orinoco and Amazon basins.

Kate Grellier, MSc (2000) Reproductive biology of bottlenose dolphins.

Sofie Van Parijs, PhD (1998) Reproductive strategies of male harbour seals.

Catherine DeNardo, MSc (1998) Behavioural ecology of killers whales in northern Norway.

Shelagh Parlane, PhD (1997) Behavioural patterns of male South American fur seals (Arctocephalus australis) and their effects on mating success.

Heather Corpe, PhD (1996) The behavioural ecology of young harbour seals in the Moray Firth, NE Scotland.

Dominic Tollit, PhD (1996) The diet of common seals in the Moray Firth.

Ben Wilson, PhD (1995) The ecology of bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth, Scotland: A population at the northern extreme of the species' range.