SBS Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

SBS Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

If any student or member of staff has a matter they wish the committee to discuss they should contact their immediate supervisor, an IMS Safety Coordinator or one of the members of the IMS Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee.

The remit of the committee:

  • Advises the School Executive and the wider school community and also feeds into and responds to the University Health and Safety Committee
  • Advises the school on questions of general safety policy, and recommends steps to be taken to ensure that everything feasible is done to promote the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and authorised visitors to the school and that relevant legal obligations are complied with.

  • The Committee also provides a forum for discussion of health, safety and wellbeing matters that are of school interest: education and research and laboratory and field.
  • The Committee also has oversight of sub-committees that currently include the Old Aberdeen Biosafety Committee.
  • The membership of the Committee represents the various research and teaching activities within the school and will include academic, technical, administrative and student representatives.

The Committee meets routinely every three months as well as on occasions requiring urgent action. Minutes of previous meetings are uploaded to this web-site. If you have a safety issue to be included on the Agenda please contact Elaine McColl or your local safety coordinator.

Date of the next meeting: 

Minutes of previous meeting:

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 22 June 2021