SBS Safety Coordinators

A list of safety coordinators, central advisers and important emergency contact numbers is provided below. 

School of Biologicial Sciences Contacts
Graeme Paton Head of School, Chair of SBS HSW Committee  
Martin Cowie School Technical Manager  
Dawn Shewring Lead Safety Coordinator / Building Safety Coordinator - Zoology  
Allan Petrie University HSW Representative 3896
Julie Taylor Education Tech Representative  
Stuart Piertney School Research Representative  
Sharon Mitchell General School Representative  
Emma Bryce School Tech Representative  
Adam Price  Union Representative  
Michelle Pinard School Education Representative  
Jerry Sternberg School Biological Safety Officer  
Marwa Tawfick PGR Student Representative  
Heather Richmond Building Safety Coordinator - Cruickshank  
Amie Connolly  School Admin Representative  
Ailsa Mcgillivray Clerk  
University, Security and Emergency Service Contacts
Accident & Emergency Hospital A & E 76-50539
Estates: fault reporting normal hours 3333
out-of-hours (emergencies only) 3939
Fire Brigade, Police & Ambulance Emergency services 9-999
  University Fire Safety Adviser 4786
Occupational Health Foresterhill Lea 76-53663
Petrie, Dr Allan University Health and Safety Adviser 3896
University Security Security 3939

Central University Advisers

Full details are available on the central University safety web pages