Acceptance of Hemp-Based Foods

Acceptance of Hemp-Based Foods

Join our study to assess Scottish consumer acceptance towards hemp-based staple foods.

What’s involved?

You’ll receive three test foods and taste one per week. These include hemp-fortified bread, hemp milk and hemp oil which you’ll use to replace your everyday bread, milk and oil. Using an online questionnaire, we’ll record the frequency and quantity of the hemp food swaps over a 3-week period and your satisfaction with the food products.

Participant criteria

You’re over 18 years old You can’t take part if you don’t consume any type of bread, milk, and oil.


You are coeliac or have food allergies to the products supplied

  • hemp oil
  • hemp milk
  • bread with added hemp flour

PLEASE NOTE: we require for volunteers from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, as we cannot deliver foods to Glasgow or other areas in Scotland.

Further information

Download our Participant Information Sheet pdf