Scottish Government Funded Work

Scottish Government Funded Work

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Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme and the new Centre for Knowledge Exchange and Impact (CKEI)

The Scottish Government funds a programme of strategic scientific research through the Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) division to advance the evidence base in the development of rural affairs, food and environment policies. 

The Strategic Research Programme is one of the largest coordinated programmes of research in the UK supporting agri-food and environmental sciences and will run from April 2016 to March 2021. The research programme comprises three inter linked themes covering: Natural Assets, Productive and Sustainable Land Management and Rural Economies and Food, Health and Well-being.

This integrated research programme will be delivered primarily through six world leading Scottish Research Institutes:

The research will focus on some of the key global challenges we face around climate change, management of our natural resources, combating infectious diseases, food and water security and enhancing health and well being.

Effective knowledge exchange is at the heart of this research programme and a new Centre for Knowledge Exchange and Impact has been created to ensure that the research is relevant and useful to industry and that the new technologies are communicated effectively to those that can benefit from them.

A new website is currently being developed to provide a shop front and single gateway into the combined outputs from the Strategic Research Programme involving all the contributing partners that will be on line later this year. Until then information, news and outputs from the programme will be available on this website and those of the other contributing organisations:


Theme 3 Coordinator (Food, Health and Wellbeing): Professor Julian Mercer

Programme Grant Administrator: Dr Katie Crosley